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Foods For Toothaches

Mouths serve a variety of purposes.  We use them to communicate, breathe, and eat to name a few.  A toothache throws a wrench into these daily functions and interrupts our life! The Daily Mail reports that toothaches are one of the worst pains a human endures! It is hard to do sleep, talk or eat.  You may not feel like eating, but it is important to give your body the nutrition it needs!  We have compiled a list of foods to help you know which foods to stay away from and what will help, until you get the relief you need!

Why Does it Hurt?

Before you try to figure out what to eat, it helps knowing why it is hurting! Although not the only reason, the most common cause of toothache is damage to the enamel of your tooth.  The pulp of the tooth contains the nerves and blood vessels.  When the enamel is decayed, cracked, or chipped it puts pressure on the nerves in the pulp.  Foods that are hot or cold can be irritating.  Foods that are hard to chew place more pressure on the pulp.  It is like pushing on a bruise.  Because of the variety of reasons, it is always wise to seek the advice of a professional to determine the exact cause of your own pain.

What Can I Eat?

Now that you understand the anatomy of tooth pain, it makes it easier to understand what will cause additional discomfort.  Soft foods like applesauce, yogurt, mashed potatoes are going to make it easier to get some nutrition without having to use the teeth to bite or crush food.  Also, food that is closer to room temperature will be easier to consume, because hot and cold foods can irritate the nerve.  When thinking of other foods that fit the bill, think of foods that are friendly for toddlers.  Try cutting food in small bites so less chewing is required.

What To Avoid 

Foods that are hard are on teeth are a bit trickier.  Try to avoid foods that are high in acid content.  These items include favorite like coffee and soda pop.  Other acidic foods are citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.  Tomatoes also fall in this category.  Candy is out not only because of the sugar content, but sticky candy gets stuck in the teeth and can cause pain. Dried fruits may seem healthier but they have the same effect on your teeth as candy.  Although dulling the senses with a glass of wine might seem appealing, alcohol decreases saliva production and the associated sugars are then left on your teeth and cause tooth pain. Foods high in vinegar like pickles can also cause more decay.  Favorites like white bread or potato chips leave a gummy residue on your teeth.

When To Call For Help

This pediatric type of a diet may not be the most satisfying but will help you get by until your pain subsides or you can get help. If your toothache that lasts longer than a day or two might need more help than eating the right foods.  It is important to know which toothaches can’t wait. When in doubt, give us a call today and we can help you troubleshoot your discomfort. If you need help mediating the pain until you can be seen, read this article for some at-home solutions.  We know toothaches often come at inconvenient times, that’s why at Emergency Dental we have evening and weekend hours. Call us and get back to eating the foods your mouth craves!

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